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Thrift Pick Plus
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Thrift Pick Plus

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Shipments are automatically charged to the card you keep on file and delivered on your schedule. No obligation--modify, skip, or cancel your subscription anytime.

In a Thrift Pick Plus, you'll receive five secondhand clothing or accessory items that match the preferences in your style profile. Thrift Pick Plus is a great option to help you replace old, worn, or out-of-date clothing with newer, fresher styles or seasonal trends. Whether you're looking to add just a few new items or embark on a complete wardrobe overhaul, we've got you covered. 

With Thrift Pick Plus, you have three days from the time of delivery to decide which items you want to keep. To return an item, simply fill out the form on our Returns page. We'll email you a return shipping label within 24 hours, and you ship the items back to us within three days. For each item you return, you'll be refunded $10.

But, wait, didn't I pay $15 per item?

Good catch! Each returned item is subject to a processing & styling fee of $5. So if you send everything in your Thrift Pick Plus back to us, you'll pay a total processing & styling fee of $25. These fees help cover the cost of our time and shipping each way. But when you consider that you typically pay more than $75 for one pair of jeans from other subscription clothing services, we still think you're getting a pretty great deal.

Please note that if you purchased your Thrift Pick Plus at a discount, the fee per item still applies and you will receive less than $10 back per item. For example, if you got 10% off your Thrift Pick Plus, paying $67.50 for it, that works out to $13.50 per item. If you return an item, the $5 processing & styling fee will apply, which means you would get $8.50 back for each item you returned.

Read more about our return policy in the FAQs.

All items are previously used but in gently used or like-new condition and will be cleaned or washed prior to shipping.