What's the best way to make sure I get items I like and that fit well?

Take your time filling out your style profile and include your measurements and links to Pinterest boards or images that will help us get a visual on styles that you love. You can also upload a picture of yourself in a favorite outfit. In this case, pictures really are worth a thousand words!

What condition will my items be in?

We take great care to send you items that are free from stains, holes, or obvious wear. Your items will be in gently used or like-new condition, similar to an item in your own closet that you've washed and worn a few times.

Please note that almost all used shoes have some wear to the outer sole, though we will only send shoes that have plenty of life left! Please also note that small defects that only affect the interior of an item, such as the lining of a coat, the tag, the insole of a shoe, etc. aren't considered damage as long as they don't affect the appearance or functionality of the item when worn.

Who is Thrift Pick good for?

Thrift Pick may be a good fit for you if you:

- Like surprises 
- Love getting new clothes but hate shopping for them
- Love getting new clothes but hate paying $50 for a shirt
- Are environmentally conscious

Who is Thrift Pick not good for?

Thrift Pick may not be a good fit for you if you:

- Hate surprises
- Are very brand conscious or only like wearing designer clothing
- Have a lot of requirements for your clothing (i.e. you only want items made in the US)
- Fall outside the sizes of US women's 0 - 16, including maternity

Do you offer Thrift Pick for men, children, maternity, or plus sizes?

Unfortunately we are only able to offer Thrift Pick for women sizes 0 - 16 at this time. Our inventory is limited to what we can reliably find at thrift stores, and for now we're best able to serve standard women's sizes. We do carry some petite and tall items, but they are more difficult to source and supply is limited. If you fall into the petite or tall categories, you may be less likely to receive pants or other items where height differences are more noticeable. We hope to add additional categories in the future!

Where do you ship?

Because shipping prices are much higher to locations outside the US and it's not possible to track return shipments originating in another country, we only ship to the United States at this time.

Which Thrift Pick option is best for me?

That depends on what you'd like to get out of your Thrift Pick experience. If you're mostly happy with your wardrobe but would like the occasional new piece to mix things up, try Thrift Pick Lite (1 item at whatever interval you choose). If you're looking to build up your wardrobe a bit more, Thrift Pick Standard includes 3 items and can be a great starting point for replacing old, worn, or out-of-date clothing with newer, fresher styles. Thrift Pick Plus (5 items) is best for those who want some new pieces but also want the option to return items that don't work out. Whatever your wardrobe goals, we've got you covered!

Will you send me a complete outfit in my Pick?

You're welcome to request complete outfits in your Picks by making a note in your style profile, but we can't guarantee that you'll get one. Our inventory is limited to what we source from thrift stores, and sometimes the pieces we find that fit your size, color, and item preferences just don't pair together well. But we send a card with tips about how to style your items with every shipment so that even if the items we sent don't go with one another, we can help you figure out what they do go with.

How do I manage my account, including editing my style profile, changing my delivery frequency, skipping shipments, or canceling my subscription?

First, log in to your account by clicking the person icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Once logged in, you should see a page similar to this:

To update your style profile, click "Edit" underneath "Account Details." Please note that any changes you make to your style profile in the week after you place an order may or may not be incorporated into your order. We take up to one week to fulfill orders, and whatever your profile includes at the time of fulfillment is what we'll base our selections on. It's best practice to update your style profile before placing an order or before your subscription renews, if necessary.

To make changes to your subscription, click "Manage Subscriptions" in the upper left of the screen. That should take you to a screen like this:

Use "Delivery schedule" to view upcoming orders and skip them if desired. 

Use "Subscriptions" to view all your current subscriptions, cancel them, or apply discount codes to upcoming orders. Clicking "Edit" next to a subscription will allow you to change the shipment date, quantity, and frequency of that subscription, and to update the payment method and address associated with it.

What is your returns policy?

Thrift Pick does not accept returns of items from Thrift Pick Lite or Standard shipments.

With Thrift Pick Plus, you have three days from the time of delivery to decide which items you want to keep. To return an item, fill out the form on our Returns page. We'll email you a return shipping label within 24 hours, and you ship the items back to us within three days. For each item you return, you'll be refunded $10.

You must request a return label within three days of delivery, and items must be scanned by the carrier (USPS) within three business days after you receive the shipping label from us. If either condition is not met, a refund may be denied or the value reduced (see next FAQ for more information.)

But, wait, didn't I pay $15 per item?

Good catch! Each returned item is subject to a processing & styling fee of $5. So if you send everything in your Thrift Pick Plus back to us, you'll pay a total styling & processing fee of $25, which will be deducted from your refund. Likewise, if you send two items back to us, you'll receive a refund of $20, meaning you'll pay $55 for the three you kept. These fees help cover the cost of our time and shipping each way.

Please note that if you purchased your Thrift Pick Plus at a discount, the fee per item still applies and you will receive less than $10 back per item. For example, if you got 10% off your Thrift Pick Plus, paying $67.50 for it, that works out to $13.50 per item. If you return an item, the $5 fee will apply, which means you would get $8.50 back for each item you returned.

If you paid for your Thrift Pick Plus with a gift certificate, you will be refunded for any returns with store credit.

Items that arrive back to us damaged due to customer use may be denied a refund.

Items that were delivered damaged due to an error on our end are eligible for a full refund. Please indicate the issue on the returns form, and you'll be sent the appropriate shipping label and credited with the cost of the item.

How do you count the three days for Thrift Pick Plus returns?

There are two three-day periods you should keep in mind:

You have three days from the time of delivery to decide which items to keep. This three-day period begins as soon as your item is marked as delivered by USPS and ends at the end of the day three days later, including weekends. So let's say your Pick was delivered at 2 p.m. on a Thursday. Three days later would be Sunday, so you need to submit your return request by midnight Pacific time on Sunday. Return requests that are submitted after this three-day period will generally be denied; at our discretion, they may be accepted, but the refund value may be reduced by $2 per item per day that the request is late.

After you've submitted your return request, we'll send you a return shipping label, usually within 24 hours. From the time that you receive the shipping label, you have three business days to drop the package off at the post office. This period does not include weekends, since many post offices are closed on weekends. For example, if you receive the return shipping label on Monday at 10 a.m., you need to drop your return off at the post office by the end of the day on Thursday. If you receive your shipping label on a Friday at 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday don't count in the three-day window, so you would need to drop your return off at the post office by the end of the day on Wednesday. Your refund amount will be reduced by $2 per item per day that it's late being dropped off.

How do I earn and redeem Rewards points?

To earn Rewards, you first need to have a Thrift Pick account. Once you've created that, you'll automatically be entered in our Rewards program.

Begin by clicking on the Rewards tab at the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

A window will appear that shows your current Rewards balance (you should have 25 points just for signing up!), any unused Rewards you've claimed, and Rewards you can work toward.

Clicking on the Earn tab will show you all the ways you can earn more points to start claiming Rewards!


The fastest way to earn points is by referring friends. Click on "Refer a Friend" in the Earn tab to get your unique referral link and share it with friends on social media or through text or email. They'll get $5 off when they use your link on their first purchase, and you'll earn 100 points, which you can redeem for $5 off or save to earn free Picks!